Free Video Chat script by Camamba

only works on desktop pc sorry

Live group video chat can hold upto 100 people viewing/commenting -- 4 video


For the 4/20 potads community only


A word from the video room developer below 

"Code of Conduct

Every community needs some rules. Here are ours:

We are an open minded bunch. We don't judge and we all just want to have a good time here. It's really that simple. To ensure everyone actually can have a good time, we expect people to respect each other and participate in the community in an enjoyable and meaningful way.

We respect your sarcasm, we don't care if you prefer clothes of the opposite sex, and 4/20 is a good day. But we ask the same from you. Don't be an ass, m'kay? We absolutely do not tolerate racism and other things, which might seem a good idea to the weakly minded. We don't much like brainless hornboys either.

Welcome and enjoy yourself, we are mostly harmless."

Please stick to your countries/states laws 

These rooms are for the cannabis advertising products industry


 Entering these rooms will NOT turn on your cam straight away .. options are given for privacy 1st 


  • Private messages
  • Video on/off private options
  • Holds 100 people at a time
  • Choose from 3 different cams to view at same time
  • Mini photo gallery uploader
  • No pills or powder sales
  • Have respect for your fellow stoners
  • cannabis stuff only